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Metal Recyclers In Perth and Huron Counties
Aylmer Joyes
Aylmer Joyes - Senior Advisor/Owner Mechanic
Verna Joyes
Verna Joyes - Administration/Owner
Tom Joyes
Tom Joyes - Operations Manager/Owner Tractor Trailer Driver, Mechanic
Bill Joyes
Bill Joyes - Heavy Equipment Mechanic Operations Manager for Sebringville Yard
Virginia Joyes - Payroll, Sebringville Office Assistant, Brand Manager, Graphics, Website Advertising
Wendy Joyes - Goderich Office Assistant

Aylmer Joyes

Aylmer Joyes started Aylmer's autowrecking and Joyes Motor Sales in the early 60's hauling scrap to various scrapyards in Ontario.Once a year he had a larger scrap yard ship out his entire yard of car bodies and scrap metal. He was equiped with a tow truck and rolloff truck. He sold used cars which he bought from the Dealers Auction in London. He is a licenced mechanic and spends his spare time driving his one of many antique vehicles around the area. He enjoys going to flee markets and antique car shows. He joined forces as a owner of Secondary Resources (Perth ) Ltd. in 1989.


Verna Joyes

Verna Joyes is the person you first see when you get your load weighed when bringing in scrap metal to the Sebringville Yard. She is involved in making sure the book keeping and payroll is kept up to date for both yards and is involved in the logistics of bin pick ups and drop offs as well as the two tractor trailers that they load every day and send out to our Metal Markets. She started out doing the book keeping and ownerships for the autowrecking yard and used cars. She enjoys going for a drive in Aylmer's antique cars and is proud to show them off.

Tom Joyes

Tom Joyes helped out with the autowrecking yard when he was growing up. He is a licenced mechanic and drives the tractor trailers for Secondary Resources. He joined forces in 1989 and developed Secondary Resources where he is a part owner. He later established a second yard in Goderich on Nelson Street by the railway tracks. Tom is also involved with the logistics of where to drop off bins and get tractor trailers loaded to ship scrap throughout Ontario. He shipped a load of steel to India by cargo ship. He helped in the clean up of the Goderich Tornado disaster, tearing down dangerously wrecked steel buildings that the Goderich salt mine had on it's property. Tom is the person to talk to about your recycling needs. Tom's wife Wendy helps with Payroll for the Goderich Yard.

Bill Joyes

Bill is a licenced heavy truck & equipment mechanic for both yards. He graduated from Fanshawe College after taking the Heavy truck and equipment course. Bill enjoys demolition derby's and can be found at various small fairs throughout the summer. Bill fixes the excavators and tractor trailers and lugger trucks daily making sure that the trucks are roadworthy. Bill also restores Hotrods/Antique Autos in his spare time.



Virginia Joyes

Virginia is the Brand Manager for Secondary Resources. She is involved with Advertisments, Brochures, Website, Signage, Payroll and some book keeping. She is a sculpture artist in her spare time, creating art from found metal objects that she hand picks out of the Sebringville yard with plaster. Canada Council for the Arts Creation Grant Recipient





Wendy Joyes

Wendy is an Office assistant for the Goderich Yard.

She is married to Tom Joyes.