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Metal Recyclers In Perth and Huron Counties
Escavator and Steel Pile
Safe Handling Practices Now In Effect.

Tom and Bill - Lilloni Press

The Machine Behind Tom and Bill is a 500 ton Lollini Shear/Baler/Logger. It will radically change the way we receive, grade, purchase, process and ship ferrous and non ferrous scrap. It has the ability to shear 24" I-beam, to make industrial bundles and to make a car into a brick the size of a deep freeze. It is mobile, so it will be used at our facility in Sebringville, in Goderich and portentially on job sites. It is the only machine of this type in our region. For Scrap processing in Perth and Huron Counties, It is a Game Changer!

"Manufacturing Cycle

Starts Here!

Help Reduce Global Warming by Recycling Scrap Metal . . .

Instead of Mining To Produce Our

Stream of Manufacturing Metals!

Secondary Resources (Perth) Ltd.


519-393-5390 - Sebringville

Line 42 4546 - R. R. 1 Sebringville


519-524-7024 Goderich

205 Nelson Street, Goderich


Full or Part Time HELP WANTED!!


Producing metals by recycling creates 75% less carbon emissions than mining. The junkyard is the planet's best friend!

We offer 3, 4, 6 and 8 hour shifts in a variety of positions. These jobs may be suitable for the people entering the work force, returning to work after facing some challenges, or wishing to wind down from full-time work. We sucessfully employ persons with disabilities, those recovering from issues and square peg's that don't fit round holes, as well as women in non traditional roles. We offer safety training for heavy industry, as well as socially distanced work areas. Apply in peson to our facilities at 205 Nelson Street East, Goderich or Line 42 4546 Perth East (North of Sebringville) or by email: (205 Nelson, Street, Goderich) (line 42 4546 R. R. 1, Sebringville)

To Our Valued Customers:

The risks & side-effects of the Covid 19 pandemic are obviously very real. We take the safety and well being of our customers, employees and all of our families very seriously. We remain open for business as we are an essential service under section 19 - manufacturing and section 41-A waste handling of the new provincial rules. We have, however, made fundamental changes to the way we operate to keep everyone safe and to deal with the collapse of global recycling markets. We thank you for your continued support as we make these changes.

Personal Safety Issues:


2) Please DO NOT BRING US POP CANS OR FOILS,  as they are an obvious path of transmission of the disease. Please put them in the Blue Box, as their process is automated and no one comes into direct contact with them.

3) Please contact us before you come. Call 519-524-7024 for the Goderich Yard Location or 519-393-5390 for the Sebringville Yard Location. We are now BOOKING RECEIVING APPOINTMENTS,  in order to minimize contact between you and other customers and our staff. We will phase this in over time in order to prevent everyone from coming all at once.

4) Please check out our website for grading and packaging instructions before you load your material. We will be focusing on sorting materials, in order to give better value to the customer and make our handling of them more efficient. Major declines in the value of metals make this necessary.

Our Commitment to You:

1) All of our employees will wash their hands when coming into our facilities from off - site locations.

2) All transactions involving cash or paperwork will involve rubber gloves and or hand sanitizer

3) We will begin expanding and changing the methods and types of pick-up service, we offer making it less necessary to come to the scrap yard.

4) We will continue to provide scrap metal services, and jobs in the communities we serve in a socially responsible manner, implementing changes for a safer, more sustainable future.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that the current crisis seems to have over shadowed the larger crisis of global warming. Producing metals by recycling uses a fraction of the carbon required in mining, transporting and smelting ore. Focusing exclusively on Covid 19 is like getting angry because your TV isn't working properly in your house that is on fire. Fortunately, the world still has lots of good people, and everyday we are faced with the choice of whether these situations will bring out the best in us or the worst. Hopefully we all take a deep breath and choose wisely.


Tom Joyes
Operations Manager
Secondary Resources (Perth) Ltd

Tom Joyes

Tom Joyes - Operations Manager

To Book a Recieving Appointment

Call: 519-393-5390 Sebringville

Call: 519-524-7024 Goderich